Learn how to save more whilst working in Poland – Employee Capital Plans

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Are you a foreigner working in Poland? Want to know how you can gather extra savings during your career here? Join our webinars for free and learn about the main advantages from participating in the Employee Capital Plans (PPK).

What are Employee Capital Plans? 

Employee Capital Plans are a common and voluntary pension savings scheme organized by any employer who employs at least one person subject to compulsory pension insurance. The employer in cooperation with the selected financial institution will open an individual ECP account for you. Monthly payments will be made into the account by you and your employer, while the state will provide a one-time welcome payment and additional annual payments.

Can I become a participant as a foreigner working in Poland?

Your employer might be implementing Employee Capital Plans (PPK) or might have already completed the process. You can become a participant and gather extra savings for retirement or other purposes. The programme will provide you with extra financial security and can be an extra benefit for you during your career in Poland.

Join our webinars

To provide you with the most important information regarding Employee Capital Plans and the benefits from participating in them we’ve prepared two webinars in English about the programme. Anybody interested can join. The webinars are free and take approximately 1 hour during which you will get 
to know:

  • The main assumptions of the program.
  • The role of the employee, the employer and the state in the system.
  • How ECP differs from other similar programs present in Poland.
  • The benefits of participating in ECP – general advantages for foreigners working in Poland, the possibilities of accessing your savings before the age of 60, inheritance rules and many more. 

We will also answer all of your questions. Feel free to join on the 24th of March or on the 6th of April. Register now.